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Open : Opened up.

I rarely talk about how did i become an art students and my achievements. During my tutorial session, Mr Charles trying dig certain things that I usually avoid to reveal. … Continue reading

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Challenge 2 : In the making.

Challenge 2. As it was demand in the first place to actually make a group work by producing a short film base on our superheros character, as the continuity from … Continue reading

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Challenge 2 : Gandar Man.

Here i present to you the final work of Challenge 2. Hope you enjoy it and please dont throw your shoes at me. But lets play “baling selipar” instead. ;D

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Open : Things shouldnt be perished.

After my personal tutorial one on one with Mr. Charles past few weeks, where im the only one who turned up in the class and has been waiting for 30 … Continue reading

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Fiction Vs Truth..

Fiction (n.) : Literature in the form of prose, esp. short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people. ┬áInvention or fabrication as opposed to A belief or statement … Continue reading

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How time flies by and here it is, our final lectures. Ritual : A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. … Continue reading

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Lucid Dream.

Lucid dream is a state where one is consciously aware that they are awake but they are in a dream. They are aware that they are dreaming. I always encounter … Continue reading

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Map of my world.

Home. A land of shelter. A place where i live, sleep and many other personal business. School. A land of seeking. Not just knowledge but also a place meeting different … Continue reading

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Submission to the Alter Ego.

Session a night before. As i thought that i want to put up a poster and test my pose for the next day. As much as i dont want to … Continue reading

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Challenge 1 : Procrastinated progress.

I believed, Mr Charles might have been graded this challenge and it has been delayed for many days, since the actual update should be put up. Forgive me, Sir. Hence, … Continue reading

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