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Lucid Dream.

Lucid dream is a state where one is consciously aware that they are awake but they are in a dream. They are aware that they are dreaming.

I always encounter this mostly during when i have loads of work to do. When i set my mind to wake up ate certain hour, but my body is too tired to wake up, somehow in a way make me think i woke up from bed, and do my work and finish it at certain levels. But the truth is, i am aware that im still lying on my bed with my eyes close and i am still sleeping.

Sometimes, i let it drift me away, till i almost believe that my work is actually done. How crazy is that?

I think, you have the idea when i actually woke up from my sleep and what happen. Hahaha!

Happy fishes swimming around, in the Ministry of Psychedelic Move Aquarium. How lucid it is!

Does fish gets Lucid dream sometimes?

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This entry was posted on June 7, 2012 by in homework, Says the mind, understanding.
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