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Open : Things shouldnt be perished.

After my personal tutorial one on one with Mr. Charles past few weeks, where im the only one who turned up in the class and has been waiting for 30 minutes for the rest to show up but they didnt, im glad that Mr Charles not just approved, but seems please with what he’s seen on this Idea Journal. Though, im not really sure on what im doing was right or wrong or not even in the main purpose of the subject. But im glad he likes it. 🙂

These last 2 weeks before the semester end, we were dictated to write a random topic and as i was advised earlier to do a video on a project that i’ve been working on.  Like making a sculpture or painting or a video editing, any things that i’ve been doing outside this creative thinking class.

But, me being me. I kinda not a fond of video-taping/recording and lazy bum, though i have few ideas that would be amazing to record on. I think i like to create my artwork imaginarily in my mind than produce it in real life. Well, it looks pretty and perfect in my imagination world than in real life. :p

So, i stumbled upon this video about creating books that only last for about 2 months. So it wont bum the author for not selling the first book fast enough. Because this might delayed him to write his second book.

Im not really sure what to feel about it. As a book lover, im actually feel sad. I do understand the urge of a writer to reach up to certain standard and their desperation for their book to sold. But is this necessary?

For me books are secret object and sacred that it needs to be treasured. Like diamond. Regardless, how stupid and useless the stories are. Books are books. Where all the thoughts of an author had been told. Their ideas, their world, their passion on a subject.

When this happened, how do you valued the value of a book?

One time reading and then poof it goes to the dustbin? Treat it like a one night stand mate?

Imagine you as the author and all your great and awesome ideas/thoughts would be vanished upon the light as soon as it about to be honored. And all the hardwork goes to the bin as soon as the inks fade.

I will definitely feel sad and worthless.

I dont know. But it really saddened me how the world thinks nowadays.

Every thing is on speed and everyone wants a short cut in life. Human no longer have patience. This is pretty sad.

I bet if Shakespeare is still alive today, all these authors might have been lectured by him. Oh i think it will be awesomely awful if Hemingway did. Haha!

Yes, i prefer Hemingway do the scold than Shakespeare . :))

Anyhow, what do you think?

But i do wonder, if its because a new idea and its normal for people to against it? Or it really is a bad idea?

• Photo courtesy by yours truly. Taken in the house (Manor) Of The Marquess of Anglesey, Plas Newydd, Wales.

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