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Challenge 2 : In the making.

Challenge 2. As it was demand in the first place to actually make a group work by producing a short film base on our superheros character, as the continuity from the previous challenge, Challenge 1. But since there’s difficulty for us to form a group and meeting up for discussion and shooting since we are in different classes, so The Your Highness Mr Charles loosen up and said we can do a short film based on our IDJ topic.

I choose the topic under Eccentricity. Instead defined what is eccentricity i came up with an idea how odd the video and how weird it is.

I called it Gandar Man.

The idea was came up to produce something that is not interesting, unattractive and boring video, yet still provoking the curiousity within one self to watch it.

It is because i think, people only want to see interesting and attracting things and fascinating. Therefore people always chase for perfection. Everyone tend to forget that imperfection makes the perfection perfects.

Anyway, Gandar man is actually a man that walk around with “gandar” on his shoulder. A weight that he has to carry around. Like his old baggage from past. Well, all human being has their own old baggage from past that they have to carry around. Could be guilt, regret, sadness, anger etc etc.

He had a very unpredictable journey. Journey of life.

I know the ending was a bit “minta penampar” because thats what i want to show in life. We all unknown about future. But we still have to keep walking.

And here is during the editing progress.

It is kinda turn off that i didnt get the chance to edit using After Effects cause i just realised that my Adobe pack doesnt include with After Effects. Bummer. Nevertheless, iMovie would do. 🙂 But less effects can be work on. :/


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This entry was posted on July 12, 2012 by in Challenge 2.
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