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I rarely talk about how did i become an art students and my achievements.

During my tutorial session, Mr Charles trying dig certain things that I usually avoid to reveal. I am very shy with my artworks. Im not sure why, but i like to keep it invisible on the eye of people. I feel a little bit giddy when some one sees my sketches or drawings or paintings. I prefer to remain anonymous whenever my artwork was up.

I even have some sort of fright everytime i have my drawing class during my foundation year. I dont like to draw in front of people. I prefer to draw on my own alone. But things dont always go to what  or how you want. So, whether i like it or not i have to draw in my drawing class. And i know where am i standing.

Here are some for the pleasure and constructive criticism view.

These are few large scales sketches i made during my diploma year in foundation.

Im not one those natural born talent kids. I dont know how to draw (but practice makes perfect). I dont have my mom’s touch and my mom’s eye. She can fix a portrait finely and can understand proportion well. But i dont. Oh, my Mom was a painter during her young age.

I was influenced most by my natural born talented friends and musics. Oh and the literature books i read.

The story of me becoming an art student wasnt all cheeses and sprinkles. Ever since i was in high school i made art, secretly. Far away from my parents knowledge. They were worried about my studies as i was so into it and it effects my marks.

To get a bless from my parents were quite a challenge. Not until my Dad saw my capability in it. He saw what have i achieved during one of my class teacher & parents meeting. He saw my hard works and all efforts paid off when he saw the Cleanness & Prettiest Class plague hung on my classroom’s wall.

My Tangga mates. Hadi (left) is the boss. Iefiz (right) is the manager and Izzah (white tudung girl) is the designer. All of us were graduated from different courses.

When i was in my diploma year. Due to my tide financial problem and the desperation of needs to get exposed. My friend decided to pull me and my friend (Izzah) to join his friend artsy group. Where we could sell our artworks at a bazaar. Our first event was the Urbanescapes. 😀

Tangga is actually a group of artists working together making DIY and hand-drawn tshirt and shoes. Below are my few works that i’ve worked on. Its a niche designs and only one lucky person own these shoes. Oh well, they are considered very lucky because i could never copy these designs again in the future.

These were all new experience to me and i love it every bit of it..

Through out the years. I learn a lot.

The most is honesty. Art school is the best place for one artist to express their self. Experiments and create things that no one have ever done before. Therefore, just be you and be honest to your work. Because this is a place a moment for one to outshine them self. Forget what’s right and what’s wrong. What is supposed to be and what is supposed not to be done. Just be out there and have some fun playing around. And forget about expecting credits or trying to impress others. Others cant feel a heartless artworks. Yes, i prefer an artwork with souls.

Well, thats how i feel about it. Might be a useful advice for others, or might not.

The second thing is connection and networking. Im an introvert. I dont like to mingle around people a lot. I do have a problem being social. Not because Im not confident of how the way i look or anything, i dont really give a heck what people think of me. I love how i look. I love how big and odd are my teeth and how big my nose is. Anyway, thats not about it, I have chronic shyness. I get awkward easily around people and i am not good in making plain conversation. I prefer to listen more than talking.

But Im up for meeting new people. A friend of a friend’s friend’s friend. Im on it. But it takes sometime for me to really get along with them. My chronic shyness are controllable.

I still dont know where will i be standing in the next 5 years. I might still be like this. Wandering around, not wanting to have a stable job, longing for freedom to travel around the world or maybe, i decided to settle down and secured a job. I have no idea at all. I decided to live for the present and leave the future to The Palms of my Creator. I believed He has planned it all for me.

And now, i bid farewell to the readers.

Thank you for reading such long post. 🙂

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