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Map of my world.

Home. A land of shelter. A place where i live, sleep and many other personal business. School. A land of seeking. Not just knowledge but also a place meeting different … Continue reading

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Submission to the Alter Ego.

Session a night before. As i thought that i want to put up a poster and test my pose for the next day. As much as i dont want to … Continue reading

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Challenge 1 : Procrastinated progress.

I believed, Mr Charles might have been graded this challenge and it has been delayed for many days, since the actual update should be put up. Forgive me, Sir. Hence, … Continue reading

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Fetish. Fetishism. In general it is an inanimate object that one believed it has supernatural power in it. Essentially, fetishism is the etic attribution of inherent value or powers to … Continue reading

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Challenge 1 : Costume Ideas.

Mr Charles asked me to proceed but to put on hold for my costumes as Im not really sure the design yet. Seems there’s a lot of things going on … Continue reading

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Challenge 1 : Ideas.

CHALLENGE 1 begins. (Sorry about the late post. This has been keeping in the draft page for many many long time) First of all, let me introduce to the world … Continue reading

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The second notes.

I was actually wanted to create a several images for the notes. Different different one for each categories. But while thinking of what to draw or doodle or create, i … Continue reading

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